Oh, will I ever finish?!

The inspiration to start creating handmade journals has been with me since last fall. But inspirations without sweat equity rarely amount to much. I have questioned why am I so driven to have the journals be handmade; why not just use ready made ones and go one from there?

It’s because there is something special and eye-catching about a hand drawn lines and handmade things. They grab and hold your attention through a direct connection to their creator and serve as a witness to the maker’s devotion to the endeavor.

That’s what’s pushing me to handcraft the journals; I want the whole piece to resonate with the personality of its designer. Then when the journal is filled with writings and drawings from its owner it can become a bridge of faith, love, and support that connects generations.

This is all well and good, but with no knowledge or experience with making books/journals, I have my work cut out for me. These journals have come a long way from me not even knowing what chipboard to use or what to use for the cover. The chipboard was easy to find, then I finally figured out how to use linen as a cover without glue soaking through the weave…that alone stymied me for a couple months.

I have several covers nearly finished, but this one will be the first one I complete. It has antique lace with a filigree design made from chips of dyed green eggshells. Again, why do all of these ideas have to take me outside of my comfort zone? Probably to keep me from seeking perfection which is my default setting. Instead, the pleasure of the piece comes from the emergence of its voice.

The learning and creating process is slow, but it’s proving to be a wonderful lesson in patience and perseverance.

Perfection isn’t a fruit of the spirit—joy is. Patience is. Peace is.

Ann Voskamp.

PS. I will have this journal completed by the next post. ; )

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  1. I had not thought about perfection that way. Thanks, Carolie!! Can’t wait to see it(them). Have a great day.

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