What is so special about a plain brown bird?

Growing up it seemed that my brothers and I all had our favorite bird Christmas ornaments. While the other bird ornaments were made of beautiful delicate glass with spun glass tails, my favorite was a chubby, papier mache, brown glittered, sparrow-like bird. I loved all the ornaments, but for some reason, the plain brown bird was special to me. Even though that bird has been worn out and is long gone; I have always imagined that I would try to replicate it. So, I think it is that ornament that inspired this journal. I was excited with how it turned out.

I used Golden brand liquid acrylic paints for the branch and bird and painted it on an old dictionary page using the definition of “sparrow.” Then to add some interest to it, I added a mosaic of brown egg shells to the back and wing area. I took an egg and waxed on some different textural patterns and did a variety of brown/tan/gray dyes.

After I added the bits of eggshell, I brushed epoxy on them to add strength. See if you can see the egg shells on the finished bird. After I added them I brushed epoxy on the shells to add strength.

So, what does make a plain brown bird so special? The brown bird doesn’t care that it doesn’t get the attention and adulation the other more beautiful birds get. He still sings his song adding his melody to the rest of the morning birdsong. He doesn’t waste time with comparing himself to others; he just goes about life doing the work he was put here to do. Yet, if we look at him closely we can see there is wonderful beauty in all of his browns. It’s just that we have to put in the effort to see it.




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