How I Organized Those Broken Bits

Using eggshell pieces in my work has created serious and growing organizational issues. So far, each piece has used different eggshell colorations. For this sparrow, I used a variety of tan and brown pieces for his back, wing, and top of his head.

On this lace, I have used some pink patterned eggshells.

Now, for this sunflower that is in the beginning phase, there is a variety of golds, yellows, browns, greens, and blues. I’ve only got shells on the sunflower so far, but there are eggs ready to use for the leaves and background.

Already, this has resulted in quite a few different eggshells to store and manage.

Originally I used egg cartons and muffin tins to keep them all, but that became problematic when I needed to pull out a single color to use. Once the eggs were broken into tiny pieces it became difficult to get them out to use without disturbing the rest.

One night it hit me that those small plastic condiment cups would be perfect! Actually, that idea should have occurred to me sooner, but better late than never. lol.

They worked out perfectly. The colors are easily seen, and twenty cups fit into a shallow plastic tote. I did tape a sample of the egg shells to the tops of the containers, but now I don’t think they are necessary.

When using the shells, I spread them out on a small piece of particle board that is painted white.

At first, I used a notecard for this. However, every time I used a needle to break the shells down further into tiny pieces, all those eggshell bits would pop up and flip over face down. Oh, how frustrating that was. I would spend so much time tediously turning each tiny piece back over, only to have to do it all over again whenever the card happened to get bumped.

The surface of the particle board is sturdy enough that when it’s bumped or when I break down the shells, there is no more flipping!

Too often, my “next great ideas” create clutter on my desk which becomes burdensome in short order. These two things– condiment cups and particle board–have made such a massive improvement for me; isn’t it remarkable how simple things can make such a difference?!

Now, it’s time to get busy….  ; )


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