Carolie Ediger


I am in front of the door to the old eggroom where my family sorted and sold eggs many years ago. This building holds rich and enduring memories.

An Egg Artist

"Egg Artist" a label I avoided for many years in my youth--is now a label I gladly accept and embrace. I was in sixth grade growing up on an egg-producing chicken farm in Kansas when, for Easter, an aunt sent us a beginner's pysanky kit.


The designs and process had me completely entranced, and it felt so cool to make works of art out of eggs. I set up a studio in my bedroom using an old oak kindergarten desk. Hours would go by with my corgi on my lap, while I would write and write on eggs, always working to get my lines more consistent, straight, and fine. I would doodle pysanky designs all over my school work trying to perfect the patterns.


That Easter gift launched a decades-long fascination with this ancient art. However, I shied away from it when I realized that people were referring to me as an egg artist. Was that really a label I wanted for myself as a twenty-year-old?


Through the years I kept quietly creating eggs for my family and teaching our sons how to make the art. I was careful to keep my efforts close and not let the word spread about me doing pysanky so that I could avoid the "egg artist" label as an adult. Yet, periodically, God would immerse me back into it, and several years ago I realized that this is a gift that He was expecting me to cultivate, so I had better get back to work and not worry about labels once and for all.


The designs and style I use have evolved. In college, I majored in horticulture and that has created a heavy botanical influence in much of my work. My degree is in education and I have taught middle school math for over twenty years, so there is also the geometric patterning that comes through. Recently, I began making jewelry pieces from the eggs and have been excited to see that new dimension of my work grow.


Seeing ordinary non-descript objects transformed into pieces of art grabs my attention and the inspiration flows. It brings me joy. Realizing that I can be an artist who can do that with an egg, then yes, I will accept and cherish the label of "Egg Artist."


It touches me deeply to know that others may find enjoyment from my work. I thank you for your interest.



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